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Skull & Haha Party It Up at Zouk at First Fan Meet in Singapore

Fans waiting since 2 pm - 2
The space outside Zouk was abuzz with excitement as fans queued patiently to enter the venue. Filled with a different crowd than what it is used to, the venue was filled with fans of all ages, as the organizer had even prepared family packages, with children as young as 6 years old were  seen with their parents. This is testament to the appeal and popularity of Skull & Haha here in Singapore, and as we would see later, the reggae duo was pleasantly surprised by, and thankful for, the reception they received.

DJ IT 4Alongside Skull & Haha was DJ IT, who did a fabulous job spinning tracks prior to the start of the showcase to hype the crowd up.

Skull & Haha first Singapore fan meet - 20 July 2013 - 11

The duo was met with an energetic audience who greeted them with loud screams and cheers as they took the stage for their first song of the night, ‘Reggaerilla’. The crowd was clearly ready to party with the duo, and Skull and Haha were very ready to give their all!When asked about their favourite food here, they revealed they liked chilli crab, black pepper crab, satay, and Singapore’s signature beer, Tiger beer. Looks like both of them certainly knew how to enjoy the Singaporean lifestyle!

Skull & Haha first Singapore fan meet - 20 July 2013 - 9
Before presenting their second song ‘From Fool to Fool’, Skull mentioned that there were many pretty ladies that night, pointing towards the screaming fans. Haha, ever the charming man, agreed by saying they were all really beautiful and sexy! Bringing the atmosphere to its peak, Haha splashed water into the crowd. Whoever partied the hardest could stand a chance to walk away with Tshirts, towels and autographed posters but we think the crowd needed no reminders to groove the night away, especially with the kind of music that Skull and Haha presented to everyone, and the stage presence that the duo had.
Skull & Haha first Singapore fan meet - 20 July 2013 - 16
Picking 3 fans to sing an edited version of ‘Busan Vacance’, the best singer walked away with a signed T-shirt. The winner, a 14-year-old girl, sang it so well that she received the loudest cheers from the audience. When asked by the emcee how much she loved Haha, Haha sweetly put his finger on her lips and asked her not to cry. They then sang the original version of ‘Busan Vacance’.
Skull & Haha first Singapore fan meet - 20 July 2013 - 111

Clearly warmed and surprised by the reception, they mentioned that though they might not be the best in Korea, that night was the best moment for them because Singaporean fans here made them feel like the best because of their love. They hoped that fans would not forget the wonderful moments together. And in time to come they would want to come back with a greater and better performance.We’ll definitely be here waiting, guys!

Special thanks to LEAP IMS for the opportunity to cover this event!


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