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Showcase: Dashing Princes A-Prince in Singapore



A-Prince may be a rookie group but they sure get the princely treatment from their fans! The screams that filled DBS Arts Centre on 18 May 2013 were proof enough. Local dance group, CL!MAX opened the showcase with their powerful dancing and got the crowd’s vocal cords warmed up.

Dressed in casual wear the boys of A-Prince; Leader Sungwon, Minhyuk, Seungjun, Siyoon and Woobin, began the showcase by performing their pre-debut single ‘You’re The Only One’ which was written by MBLAQ’s vocalist, G.O.

Next  they performed “Oh Girl” from their mini-album. The song was produced by popular production team, the Avengers.

We definitely recognized the next two tunes as they cover DBSK’s ‘Hug’ and ‘Mirotic’! In the May issue of Singapore’s ‘teens’ magazine, Seungjun cited DBSK as his role model while Leader Sungwon mentioned JYJ as his role model. Their cover performance definitely thrilled the fans who chant along!


The boys then played a game with their fans. Each of them were to say a criteria of their ideal girl and the lucky fans who fulfilled all the criteria get to have one wish granted by the boys!  All the fans were asked to stand up and sit down if they do not fulfill the criteria mentioned by the members. The elimination process started with Leader Sungwon choosing girls with long hair and glasses. The criteria were finally set as girls with long hair, bespectacled, wearing black, a watch, a skirt and sneakers. The fans were in frenzy as the boys mentioned their criteria. The lucky girls asked for hugs and were granted by the boys!

After the game was Leader Sungwon’s solo stage. He was visibly nervous and the fans shouted for him to relax. He flashed a grin and continued to swoon the fans with his soothing voice.

All the boys then came out to perform One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘One Thing’. The boys even came down from the stage to shake hands with the fans!


Minhyuk, Siyoon and Woobin then left thestage to prepare for their dance performance! Leader Sungwon and Seungjun stayed behind to share tidbits about the members.

Sungwon relaxes by looking at flowers while Seungjun shares his love for sports and mentioned that he enjoys running, tennis and basketball! The host then touched Seungjun’s abs and was impressed!

The trio then came out in sparkly hoodies and performed a solid dance performance!


A-Prince performed two new songs that they would be promoting in the come back in June! They are titled, ‘My Lady’ and ‘Mambo’. The songs definitely got the fans gushing even more.

The fans then celebrated Woobin’s and Seungjun’s birthdays! They showed a fan-made video and also videos of the other A-Prince members giving their birthday wishes.

The exit the stage only to return in their dashing white suits fit for Princes. They performed their debut song, ‘Hello’! After the fans screamed for encore, the boys ended the two-hour showcase with a bang by performing an energetic rendition of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’!

We would like to thank JNation Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event. All pictures are credited to JNation Entertainment (Jin-ha Kim).


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