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‘Tonight with Lee Seung Gi’ : I love Gumiho!

Who could have expected this talented man who is an actor, a mc and a singer can live up a fan meeting stage with all the charms that he has thus struck the Airens with million watt smiles of his and melted the hearts of the fans in 2 hours show. We’re still high from Lee Seung Gi fan meeting and mini concert in Kuala Lumpur last Friday! Thanks to Jazzy Group, ‘Tonight with Lee Seunggi in Kuala Lumpur’ will be unforgettable memories for 1000 Malaysia Airens who attended the event.

Stepping foot for first time in Malaysia, Seung Gi promised to give all out to his fans during the press conference in the evening. He also added that they have been waiting for him for a long time and he shall leave something to the fans so that they will remember the memories forever.

He started and heated up the stage with a performance showing of how good he is as a singer through ‘Age of Love’. Dashing up with black suit, he greeted the fans with ‘Hello Malaysia, Apa Khabar?’ Such a dandy guy. After the performance, the first session of the fan interaction was filled with full of fun and laughter with the games prepared. Lucky fans have been called up on stage to dance to his song. A back hug as a prize is so much valuable to be resisted for.

Later on, a clip from his drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ shown up on screen during a kissing scene and the whole hall was shaking with the screaming of the footage. Seung Gi provoked the fans by saying he’s going to have more kiss scenes because looks like fans actually love it so much due to the scream. Surprisingly, a bicycle has been brought up on stage just to react a cycling scene from the drama as well! Before he rode the bicycle with 2 lucky fans, he said that he should tested the condition of the bicycle just to make sure it is alright. How sweet Mr. Lee!

When he’s been asked will he date a gumiho, he cheekily replied yes if the gumiho is Shin Min-Ah.

Went back on stage during the second session, the audience filled with excitement and the atmosphere in KWC Mall was electrified for the mini concert as he came back singing ‘Aren’t We Friends’, ‘Will You Marry Me’ and ‘Smile Boy’. During ‘Lets Go on Vacation’, fans can’t help but to stand up and jump together with him. He later performed his hits song ‘Because You’re My Girl’ and ‘Slave’ as the closure for the mesmerizing night.

Thought it was short, fans were having fun. Malaysia Airen has prepared a video of showing their love, ‘Saranghaeyo’ wish to Seung Gi and he replied back the love given by fans by showing the love on stage. This close encounter with this talented star should have been a dream come true to all the fans who attended the event. Expecting the event to be great but turn out it to be extraordinary from what they have expected. We will be waiting for your concert in Malaysia Mr. Lee Seung Gi! Hoping to see you more on TV again!

Many thanks to Jazzy Group again for bringing Lee Seunggi to Malaysia, we looking forward for more great events from you guys again!

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