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Lee Hyun Woo: ‘To The Beautiful You’ Press Conference



The name might be unfamiliar but when you got to see him in person, there’s nothing different from what you see in the television for this flower boy actor, Lee Hyun Woo. Brought in by OneHD Asia in promoting their new drama ‘To The Beautiful You’, this is the first overseas activity for this child actor as it would be the debut for him to be promoted internationally.

‘To The Beautiful You’ is an adaptation from a Japanese manga, ‘Hanazakari no Kimitachi e’ and already got in another Taiwan and Japan version for it. It’s such a struggle in portraying a character who has already been adapted before but Hyun Woo had nailed it very well. The drama has finished airing in Korea thus making it’s way to our local broadcast through OneHD channel 393. We have been invited to join the press conference with Hyun Woo as we are also so curious on this talented boy who played Cha Eun Gyul character very well in the drama.

Sitting with Hyun Woo in the press conference room seems like meeting a ‘dongsaeng’ (little brother) who looks quite shy in expressing himself. He’s such a well-mannered boy as KeyEast Entertainment does train him good in terms of PR and receiving questions from the press. Let’s see who is this beyond the name of Lee Hyun Woo. ^^

R: Reporter

LHW: Lee Hyun Woo

1. R: Do you watch the Taiwan & Japan version of Hana Kimi in order to learn about the character?

LHW: I did not watch any of it since I want the Korean version to be more unique with own interpretation.
2. R: Do have any chance in trying any local food?

LHW: I had a city tour before visiting Malay Traditional Village, Pasar Malam (we believe it’s Petaling Street) and while doing it, I ate Satey and Char Kuey Teow, but Nasi Lemak not yet. Char Kuey Teow more or less like a fried rice in Korean.

3. R: Do you discuss or seek advice from another actor/actress like Minho or Sulli?

LHW: We’ve become friends with each other like Minho and Kwanghee. Since we are in the same age, we not seek advice from each other, but Minho treats me well.

4. R: You played a character that’s so good with soccer. Do you play soccer well?

LHW: I love to play it and always play with my friends.

5. R: Do you do any football preparation for drama

LHW: 1 month before the drama shooting, I had a football training with a professional coach.

6. R: Any plan on singing your own ost or album?

LHW: I’m still working on it. When the chance come, I will try and take it.

7. R: You raise from a child actor/character like Jang Guen Suk and Kim Soo Hyun, do you feel jealous of what they have achieve now?

LHW: I’m not jealous at all but I will try to improve / progress so that i will be better than them one day.

8. R: What is your real character as Lee Hyun Woo? Is there any different from Cha Eun Gyul?

LHW: Our character is actually the same. I love to give jokes, bright, funny, honest, pure so that is why I’m able to portray the character of Cha  Eun Gyul well.

9. R: Have you ever experience of fanatic fans so far and what did they do?

LHW: So far I do not have any fanatic fans that I can remember off, but I don’t know what will happen in future. (laugh)

10. R: Keyeast is full of stars like Bae Young Joon, did he give you any advice before upon you debut?

LHW: This is quite hard to answer the question….(long pause) but he did advise me to work hard and try my best.
11. R: Cha Eun Gyul is always posting and expressing his thought on SNS, do you do the same thing?

LHW: I have a twitter account (@hihyunwoo) but I seldom tweet these days, but I’m happy to see tweets and messages from fans.

12. R: Are you a fashionista idol?

LHW: I don’t know (laugh) but my stylist is doing it for me.

13. R: Who is your fave singer?

LHW: I love Bi (Rain) & Big Bang

14. R: Your features are more or less like G-Dragon!

LHW: Ahhh, thank you! (excitedly and laugh!)

15. R: Are you willing to transform into a girl just to get close to your love one as what Goo Jae hee does to Kang Tae Joon?

LHW: Hopefully it will not happen in future as I don’t dare to do it (laugh!)

16. R: Any preparation for your next project?

LHW: I’m considering a drama on being a North Korean spy. A lot of preparation needs to be done such as the accent of the language and the culture. Hopefully I’m able to learn it before the filming starts.
17. R: Any message to Malaysia fans?

LHW: Thank you so much for wishing me well and I hope I’m able to give a good image in future.

Thank you so much to ONETVASIA for the opportunity in interviewing Lee Hyun Woo. Please anticipate on the Meet & Greet report as this fella has turn out to be a prince charming on stage!

Check out more photos of Lee Hyun Woo: Press Conference through out Facebook page! ^^


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